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CALIMT is an online graduate school helping future global business leaders all over the world to achieve their personal and career goals. The MBA program covers fundamental business education with practical and cross-cultural management courses. CALIMT teaches its courses through its proprietary online learning management system to facilitate access and interaction among students regardless of geographic location.

CALIMT addresses the economic and social issues of global commerce with an emphasis in doing business across cultures. Courses are developed by scholars around the world. You will be exposed to many research-based case studies and experience culturally diverse challenges in the global business environment.

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Convenient Learning Platform

CALIMT provides an exclusive online learning platform that you may access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and from anywhere there is Internet access. Our proprietary, user-friendly online learning management system provides a unique interactive learning format that will help you follow the course content.

Online Learning Benefits

Global Interaction

By sharing your opinions and discussing course material with other students from all over the world, you will be able to broaden your network at a global scale from home.

Student Care

You will receive personalized support and guidance during your time studying at CALIMT. In each course, the professors will advise you on your academic progress. The Registrar’s office will be guiding you throughout the entire program as well. Lastly, an academic adviser is within your reach to help you stay on track to complete the program on time.

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Hybrid Learning Benefits

CALIMT’s hybrid programs offer up to half of its courses in-class. It’s a great solution for students that want the flexibility of online learning but still want some interaction with classmates and professors in a traditional, classroom setting. Hybrid students can take advantage of in-person support from our friendly staff on campus.

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Affordable Tuition

CALIMT has one of the most competitive tuition rates.

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