Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements

Course materials are delivered through a learning management system called MetaBoard, which can be accessed through CALIMT’s website. Students are able to access their virtual classrooms either in the comfort of their home or on-the-go. Our structured distance education programs use a text-based, web-enabled approach utilizing a blend of print and electronic media.

Please check to make sure you are able to meet the technology requirements before applying.

CALIMT recommends that students have computers with the following hardware:

  1. A processor of 2 GHz or faster
  2. 1 GB RAM or greater
  3. 80 GB hard drive or greater
  4. Internet access: Cable/DSL connection or better
  5. Sound card with speakers
  6. Webcam
  7. Microphone, if using remote proctoring service

Software and application requirements:

  1. Operating system should be Windows Vista or later; Mac OSX 10.10 or later
  2. Windows Office 2003 or later for PC; Office 2004 or later for Mac (MS word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  3. The latest web browser available
  4. The latest version of Adobe Reader
  5. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  6. A current anti-virus application
  7. E-mail address
  8. Webcam application