Our Story

Our Story

Accessibility and Affordability in Higher Education. That’s what we’re about.   Our Founder, Dr. Chaiy rose from humble beginnings from post-war Korea and through education, he realized his passion for business, education, and helping others. CALIMT was founded in 2010 based on Dr. Chaiy’s belief that quality education should be affordable and accessible. At CALIMT, we strive to make higher education available to everyone who chooses to seek knowledge and provide a better life for themselves and their families. This is why CALIMT has one of the lowest tuition rates among accredited universities in the United States.




You’re learning for yourself, but never by yourself at CALIMT. From the moment you begin the admissions journey through graduation, our dedicated faculty and staff in admissions, and student services will be there to guide you along the journey to help you reach your academic and professional goals. We believe that our success depends on your success – we’re in this together!



With no SAT/GMAT score requirements and frequent start dates, you can start your academic journey with us right away. From nondegree certificates to MBA degrees, you can study online according to your schedule while balancing your busy professional and personal lives. Or, you can choose to study both online and in the classroom if you still want the traditional in-classroom experience.





The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain.


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