Keys to Success

Keys to Success

Time Management

CALIMT’s MBA program operates in an asynchronous learning environment. This means that students are not required to do their course work on a specific date or time. We understand that students have other demands on their time as well so we have devised a learning environment that allows them to participate and complete their course work when they have the time to do so. Stay on top of the work; read the assigned readings and view the e-lectures ahead of time. Students who fall behind often struggle to catch up. Make sure to complete the assignments on time. As with the readings, falling behind on assignments makes it difficult to prepare for future assignments and tests.

Course Materials

Read your textbooks and view the e-Lectures, as that is where most of the material you will need to complete your courses can be found.


Actively participate in the discussion forums each week. This is key to staying in touch with one’s classmates and professor and provides for a much richer and more rigorous experience for everyone.


Contact your respective course professor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your progress, work, grades, etc. Contact your academic adviser for any other questions or concerns apart from your studies.