Learning Benefits Hybrid

Hybrid Learning Benefits

Best of Both

Want the flexibility of online learning but still want face-to-face classroom time? CALIMT’s hybrid MBA program and certificate program offers the best of both worlds for students in Southern California. CALIMT’s hybrid programs offer up to half of its courses in-class.


CALIMT’s hybrid programs offer more than 50% of its courses online so you can still take advantage of learning whenever, wherever you want at your own pace in majority of your learning. Whether you are juggling a demanding career or family life, our flexible learning makes it easy to pursue your education.

Face-to-Face Time

For many students, having actual classroom time can stimulate their learning process, but enrolling in a fully in-class program can be challenging for working professionals. Our hybrid programs offer a solution for students that want the flexibility of online learning but still want some interaction with classmates and professors in a traditional, classroom setting.

In-Person Support

CALIMT offers around the clock support via email and telephone from IT and Student Services. Hybrid students can take advantage of in-person support from our friendly staff on campus.